Dental Implants

Did you know millions in the US suffer from tooth loss? Losing teeth can affect your eating, smiling, and overall confidence. And if you are missing a tooth or several teeth, you are not alone! Many never fill the gaps in their smile because they don’t know there are affordable plans available or they never schedule a consultation with their dentist to go over their treatment options. Payment plans or other financial options may make implants a possibility for you.

With dental technologies more advanced than ever, you can replace a missing tooth with a crown that blends in with your smile naturally. Dental implants can make a difference for your smile in a number of ways:

  • Keep your other teeth from shifting out of place
  • Prevent bone loss, as missing teeth encourage bone deterioration
  • Improve your chewing capability
  • Restore your confidence & your smile

Dental implants work in an effective two-step process that will provide you with a dental crown for years to come! How can you know if dental implants are right for you? A consultation with your dentist will give you the answers that you need. Your dentist will evaluate your smile and help you choose the best solutions for your teeth.

Don’t let missing teeth rob you of your smile! If you are interested in dental implants in Boca, Raton, FL, a consultation is just a phone call away! Our team will go the extra mile to give you the care that you need. Call us today!