3D Imaging

Making every patient’s experience as comfortable, convenient and safe as possible are some of our top priorities. We don’t want our patients to dread their dental visits, but quite the opposite! We want every experience to be as quick and comfortable as possible without compromising results. Dentistry should not only be accurate, it should also be safe. This is why we have invested into an x-ray system called 3D imaging. Not only does 3D imaging provide us with a critical amount of information, but it also uses the lowest level of radiation possible. We are able to utilize the safest equipment without sacrificing the safety of our patients. By using this type of imaging, we are able to reduce the radiation dose per patient by an average of 77%.

Three-dimensional imaging is an improvement in comparison to 2D imaging because it allows dental images to be seen from every possible angle. Images can be rotated, enlarged and divided into whatever direction needed. This allows your dentist to see dental issues happening now and areas that may develop into issues down the road. 3D imaging provides a more accurate and predictable diagnosis in a variety of dental situations.

Many types of dental imaging require bulky sensors to be used in your mouth during the process. 3D imaging captures everything needed without any devices having to be used inside your mouth. This makes the dental x-ray experience much more pleasant for our patients, especially those who struggle with gag reflex. 3D imaging is taken by either standing or sitting while the 3D imaging device revolves around your head. This process takes only a few moments. Even if you happen to move during the x-rays, the device is set up to accommodate for some movement during the process, so you shouldn’t have to have images retaken.

If you are in need of dental x-rays, our 3D imaging will help your visit be more comfortable, quick and effective. Rest assured that our 3D imaging will provide a highly accurate diagnosis for the best possible treatment. Call our office today to take advantage of our 3D imaging and let our team help you with the future of your smile!